According to PETA and the Virginia Department of Agriculture, in 2014, PETA took in 1,605 cats and killed 1,536 (a kill rate of 96%). They transferred another 43 to kill shelters where they were either killed or displaced others who were killed. That would put the cat kill rate as high as 98%. They found homes for only 16, an adoption rate of 1%. PETA also took in 1,021 dogs of which they killed 788 (a kill rate of 77%). Another 210 were transferred to kill shelters. Like the cats, if they were killed or displaced others who were killed, the dog death rate would also be as high as 98%. Only 23 were adopted. While the No Kill movement is having unparalleled success and with No Kill communities now dotting the American landscape—in Michigan, Kentucky, Texas, Virginia, California, New York, Indiana, and elsewhere—PETA continues to be little more than a slaughterhouse.

While PETA claims the animals it takes in and kills are “unadoptable,” this is a lie. It is a lie because employees have admitted it is a lie. They have described 8 week old, 10 week old, and 12 week old healthy kittens and puppies routinely and immediately put to death with no effort to find them homes. It is a lie because they have been caught stealing happy and healthy animals and putting them to death. It is a lie because rescue groups, individuals, and veterinarians have come forward stating that the animals they gave PETA were healthy and adoptable and PETA insiders have admitted as much, one former intern reporting that he quit in disgust after witnessing perfectly healthy puppies and kittens in the kill room. It is a lie because PETA refuses to provide its criteria for making the determination as to whether or not an animal is “unadoptable.” It is a lie because according to a state inspector, the PETA facility where the animals are impounded was designed to house animals for no more than 24 hours. It is a lie because Ingrid Newkirk herself admitted as much during a television interview: when asked whether or not PETA kills healthy animals, she responded, “Absolutely.” It is a lie because PETA staff have described the animals they have killed as “healthy,” “adorable” and “perfect.” It is a lie because PETA itself admits it does not believe in “right to life for animals.” And it is a lie because when asked what sort of effort PETA routinely makes to find adoptive homes for animals in its care, PETA had no comment.

Yet despite PETA’s own admissions, there are those who simply refuse to believe it, who claim it never happened (which even PETA does not deny). Here’s the proof:

  • For the 2014 data, as reported by PETA, to the Virginia Department of Agriculture, click here.
  • For an Op Ed piece written by Ingrid Newkirk where she writes that PETA supports an automatic destruction policy for all dogs who look like “pit bulls” in shelters, click here.
  • For a postcard written by Newkirk where she admits PETA does not advocate “right to life for animals,” click here.
  • For evidence that PETA employees were rounding up animals, killing them within minutes in the back of a van, and dumping their bodies in trash bins, click here.
  • For proof that PETA rounds up and kills family companions, click here.
  • A former employee admits the killing and that PETA lies to do so. Click here to read her first person account.
  • PETA says community cats are better dead than fed. Click here to read about their attempt to have these cats killed.
  • Not only does PETA round up community cats to be killed, they demand that others do the same. Click here learn more.
  • PETA tries to derail legislation that would end convenience killing and save more lives by arguing that community cats can kill people and should be rounded up and killed. Click here to read the letter.
  • PETA gave a No Kill shelter a basket of cookies to celebrate an announcement that they would start killing again after four years. To learn more, click here.
  • Rainbow Rescue on giving animals to PETA: “I thought it was the answer from heaven. We just thought ‘PETA is the godfather for animals.’” They were told that the animals they transferred to PETA “would be prepared for potential adoption.” They were lied to and the animals were killed. Click here for the story.
  • Click here to read Ingrid Newkirk admitting she would go to work early to kill animals – “I must have killed a thousand of them, sometimes dozens per day.”
  • Over the objections of feral cat advocates pushing for a TNR program, the Mayor of Miami Beach pushed a plan to trap and kill feral cats. PETA sent a letter to the Mayor applauding his decision. The Mayor, however, had also decided that kittens would be turned over to a rescue group for socialization and adoption. But PETA took issue with this part of the plan, arguing that all the cats, including the kittens, should be taken to animal control and “euthanized by sodium pentobarbital injection.” Click here for PETA’s letter.
  • For a copy of the PETA inspection report which shows 90% of animals are killed within 24 hours, click here.
  • The national No Kill Advocacy Center petitions the Virginia Department of Agriculture (VDACS) to stop PETA’s killing. To read the petition, click here.
  • The Virginia Federation of Humane Societies tells VDACS that “PETA is ‘using’ its status as a ‘shelter’ to the great detriment of animals in the Commonwealth [of Virginia].” Read the letter by clicking here.
  • An affidavit submitted to court by former employee details how PETA lies to acquire animals to kill, steals pets from homes, kills highly adoptable animals such as puppies and kittens without ever trying to find them homes, and kills feral cats using cruel methods.
  • For information about PETA killing in the face of alternatives, testimony by a veterinarian that the cat and kittens he gave PETA after they promised to find them homes were healthy but killed within minutes, their defense of neglectful and even abusive killing shelters, their opposition to TNR for healthy feral cats, their claim that cats should be rounded up and killed and so much more, read Friendly Fire.

Seeing is believing. Click here for photos of PETA’s killing and embrace of killing.

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