Meet Maya:


On October 18, 2014, in Parksley, VA, PETA took Maya, a happy and healthy dog, from her porch while her family was out. They killed her that very day.


Lawsuit update: PETA tells the Court that Maya was worthless and therefore they can’t be financially liable to the family, that, at best, the dog had no value beyond the cost of replacement for another dog, they had permission by the property owner to remove community cats so they cannot be guilty of trespass for entering and killing a dog, and the family is not entitled to punitive damages because PETA’s theft and immediate killing of a happy, healthy, beloved dog is not “outrageous” conduct. Moreover, in an argument reeking with racial overtones, they asked the court to find out if the Spanish speaking person whose dog they stole and killed is legally in the U.S.

March 2017 update: Affidavit submitted to court by former employee details how PETA lies to acquire animals to kill, steals pets from homes, kills highly adoptable animals such as puppies and kittens without ever trying to find them homes, and kills feral cats using cruel methods.

August 2017 update: A settlement has been announced in the lawsuit against PETA for the theft and illegal killing of a family’s dog. PETA will pay the family $49,000. A settlement was predicted because PETA lost in its bid to prevent discovery of their inner workings since the lawsuit alleged “that PETA operates under a broad policy of euthanizing animals, including healthy ones, because it ‘considers pet ownership to be a form of involuntary bondage.’”

R.I.P. sweet Maya.