A puppy killed by PETA being handled by an official in a hazmat suit. Another dead puppy, also killed by PETA, is behind him. PETA promised to find the puppies a home, described the puppies as “adorable” and “perfect,” and immediately put them to death in the back of a van, a donor funded slaughterhouse on wheels. Their bodies, along with dozens of others PETA killed, were found in a supermarket dumpster.

Weigh the evidence for yourself. We all owe the animals at least that much.

  • For photos of animals PETA has killed, click here.
  • For documents showing the extent of PETA’s killing, click here.
  • For a first hand account by a former PETA employee  who describes the theft of animals, lying to people in order to kill their animals, lying about animals being “unadoptable,” falsifying drug records in order to kill animals “off book,” and submitting false information to officials about the numbers of animals they kill, click here.